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Bulland Group offers a complete range of construction and support services options, from major building and infrastructure projects through to smaller building and civil engineering works; and from Total Facilities Management through to direct delivery of mechanical & electrical, cleaning and security services. We also offer strategic advice, management consultancy and project management led services to clients, from the conception of large capital projects and their management through to the completion of those projects.

The integrated services and high added value solutions are tailored to the specific requirements of each client.

We are supported in our endeavours by our team of dynamic individuals from diverse professional backgrounds, with an in-depth understanding of all aspects of real estate, property management and design and construction delivery.

This market and customer insight lends the best advice across verticals.

Business Strategy

Bulland Group puts construction and property into a business context.

We understand the need for a building to be part of the owners overall business whilst giving flexibility to layout, usage, sub-letting etc.

Our staffs are dynamic and experts in their fields. They are constantly upgrading their business qualifications, on a day to day basis, to further value-add to the services we provide. We have the ability to provide complete business property solutions tailored to clients needs.

Project Management

Managing the design process is a vital part of project delivery. Bulland Group has developed design management techniques and process maps to control this key function, from the background of multi disciplinary design management. The key integration of this with project delivery will bring greater efficacies in the construction process.

Key Services

  • Management of the briefing process
  • Procurement of consultant team and professional services
  • Management of the design process
  • Integrated teamwork / project and strategic partnering
  • Budget and cost control
  • Environmental consideration
  • Contractor appointment and contract administration
  • Project close out and handover

Development Feasibility

Bulland Group will provide valuable input at development stage to bring maximum mileage to clients’ business strategies.

Client's needs are identified and reviewed and worked upon in detail for lateral and alternative options which will fulfil these requirements.

Key Services

  1. Establishment / review of client objectives
  2. Options analysis, review and recommendations
  3. Asset and value optimisation